Fully Serviced Office Spaces near Edinburgh .

Flexible Serviced Office Spaces near Edinburgh for Business Professionals

Hive Fully Serviced Office Spaces near Edinburgh for Rent

Our Hive is a large building located in the heart of Dunfermline, Scotland. It contains a combination of co-working spaces, hot desks, and private offices. All the different types of workspaces in our Hive are serviced.

We exist to make collaboration, innovation, and startup projects possible. Creative teams, project managers, and freelancers alike walk through our Hive every day. As well as working on separate projects to further their own career, they can also network with like-minded individuals and discover new opportunities around every corner. 

In simple terms, our Hive offers career professionals the opportunity to rent a dedicated workspace for an amount of time that suits them. We offer co-working spaces, hot desks, and private offices to rent on a flexible basis. Our flexible model means that professionals do not have to pay for a full-time workspace that is empty half the time. 

In the modern world, flexible serviced office spaces near Edinburgh are ideal for business professionals who are always on the go. There are many reasons why business choose serviced offices near Edinburgh to complete their workloads from. With our part-time and 6-month contracts, our clients can put their careers first. When you choose Hive, you will not be tied down to a neverending lease or contract. Even better, the fact that we provide fully serviced office spaces to professionals near Edinburgh means that you can focus on your business first. We take care of all the important aspects of building management so that you can make waves in your industry. 

What are Serviced Offices?

Serviced office spaces are sometimes called fully furnished offices, or even pay as you go offices. They are characterised by being split into lots of different units with one building manager. There might be several different businesses and freelancers working in the same serviced space at any one time. 

Most serviced buildings in Edinburgh have different types of spaces that accommodate lots of different styles of working. At Hive, we have co-working spaces, private office spaces, and hot desks.

Our workspaces come complete with everything you would expect to find from a business-oriented office space. They are furnished with desks, chairs, and sofas. Our building manager handles all the behind the scenes tasks that would otherwise detract time from your career.

Here are some of the things that you can expect from our private offices for rent:

When you choose a serviced office space in Edinburgh, you can forget about hiring cleaning contractors and paying your Wi-Fi bill on time. At Hive, we take care of all the tasks that make your working environment comfortable. The cost of these comforts is inbuilt into our fees. 

One of the main differences between booking your own working space and finding a furnished office space to rent is the contracts. If you rent or purchase your own space you will have to commit to it for a year or more. Large, fixed costs like private office spaces can be daunting for startups and medium-sized businesses that need room to grow. We offer professionals part-time and 6-month contracts that fit their budget and vision. 

What Are the Advantages of Serviced Office Spaces?

Businesses that are in the acquisition stage of their enterprise benefit from our soundproof booths and professional meeting rooms. If you are looking for a professional environment near Edinburgh, in which to connect with clients and showcase your skillset, serviced spaces are the ideal option. Once you have secured clients, you can invest in your own space. 

Coworkers who live in different parts of Scotland find serviced office spaces useful. Our Hive functions as a meeting point for lots of different companies and small teams throughout the year. It is a professional environment that does not require long-standing contracts. 

In the modern world, business moves fast. More and more people are choosing to break away from the conventional 9 to 5 route and create their own empire. Startups benefit from fully serviced office spaces in Edinburgh because they can grow with their business. Small businesses can start by renting a private office space with 2 or 3 desks. As their business grows, they can graduate to 4 desk office spaces. 

serviced offices in Dunfermline

Co-working spaces are a response to the need for more flexible, corporate environments. Our Hive serviced offices near Edinburgh have lots of co-working spaces that can accommodate large teams. Freelancers, creative teams, and overseas colleagues all meet in our co-working spaces to make waves in their industries.

Modern businesses are moving away from the idea that they have to have a dedicated 9 to 5 corporate space to succeed. Fully serviced office spaces near Edinburgh provide co-workers with all the amenities they need to succeed and grow their business, without an extortionate price tag. 

Employers can rent co-working spaces on a flexible basis. This means that employees do not have the pressure of having to be in the office at all times. They can work from home during a time that suits them, and rent one of our co-working spaces for a small fee when it benefits their work. 

Co-working spaces result in employee retention. They play a key part in encouraging a better work-life balance for employees. With serviced offices, team members can meet each other in a professional environment. Project managers, logistics coordinators, and junior staff can meet their colleagues and engage in the social and collaborative aspects of working together. 

Booking a co-working space could be just what your employees need to brainstorm the next stage of their project.

Private office spaces are a popular choice for small businesses and startups that want to work in a professional environment while they acquire more clients and develop their products. 

At Hive, we understand that startups do not want to commit to long-lasting, large monthly expenses early on in their career. Our private spaces are a more cost-effective alternative to 9 to 5 workspaces. We offer SMEs private offices for rent that provide them with everything that their own space would. 

Business professionals who use Hive do not have to worry about all of the behind the scenes tasks that keep offices running. Our team handle superfast Wi-Fi payments, cleaning contractors, and COVID-19 safety measures. We even provide our clients with gourmet coffee in the kitchen. 

One of the benefits of choosing our private spaces is that they are open 365 days a year. We work with lots of SMEs that have international branches and clients. With our private spaces, meeting deadlines and launching time-sensitive campaigns has never been easier. Each private spaceis open 24/7. Project managers and team leads can pop into our Hive at a time when they feel most productive. 

Our flexible business model allows career-driven people the freedom to work at a time that suits them. Teams travel in from Edinburgh, Fife, and all over Scotland to take advantage of our alternative working environment. Our Hive can accommodate teams of 2, 3, 4, or 6 in private spaces.

Serviced Office Space Contracts

If you are looking for fully furnished office space near Edinburgh with flexible contracts, Hive is perfect for you. We offer a range of different contracts to suit every kind of employee and freelancer. When you choose our Scottish serviced office space, you are always in control. You never have to worry about long-standing commitments.

Private offices are available with 6 or 12-month contracts. We have private offices that have 2, 3, 4 and 6 desks, which is perfect for small teams who want to develop their client base before committing to a full time, larger space.

Co-working spaces are available with 6-month contracts. We also have a small number of part-time co-working spaces available. People who have part-time co-working contracts benefit from all the amenities that our full-time clients experience. Business professionals can use our facilities for 20 hours a week at a time that suits them.

Part-time contracts are perfect for people who are most effective with a combination of home and office work. This type of contract gives business professionals access to our soundproof booths and meeting rooms with video conference facilities.

Covid-19 Safe Private Offices for Rent

COVID-19 has forever changed shared serviced office spaces. We know how difficult it can be to return to the office after COVID-19, especially for people who rent flexible workspaces.

We are committed to providing business professionals with co-working and private office spaces near Edinburgh that are COVID-19 safe. At any one time, freelancers, project managers, and creative specialists from different teams will walk through our hallways. We have put several new safety measures in place to ensure that everyone feels safe on our premises.

Here are just a few of the practices we have put in place in our Hive. 

● We have implemented a one-way system, which means that you will not have to pass other business professionals in the hallway. 

● We employ cleaning contractors who know how to perform a thorough clean.

● We arm our cleaning contractors with products that kill 99.9% of bacteria.

● We have placed screens between the desks in our co-working spaces.

Whether you are renting one of our co-working spaces or private office spaces near Edinburgh, you can expect a spotless clean.

Our serviced office space is located in the heart of Dunfermline. Dunfermline town train station is only a 10-minute walk away from our office. Lots of professional teams and freelancers travel in from the surrounding towns to work in our Hive. 

People who prefer to drive to our Hive can park in the 120 space car park just outside the building.  Most people travel in from the M90, which is a 7-minute drive away from our premises. 

Lots of teams use Dunfermline as a meeting point because it is a bustling, vibrant town with lots of transport links. Business professionals can meet their team at the Hive in the morning and spend the rest of their day surrounded by the Heritage Quarter and the cultural cornerstones in Dunfermline.