Private office space for rent in Dunfermline.

Serviced offices and co-work in central Dunfermline

Not all professionals work in the city. At Hive Work Spaces we offer fully serviced office spaces for busy professionals who want to work closer to home.

From ergonomic furniture to superfast broadband, Hive’s private office spaces have everything your team needs to be comfortable and productive.

Choose from private serviced offices on a short-term licence or our co-working desks, where the price includes heat, light, insurances, Internet and more.

We all start Monday mornings with the best intentions but what if the printer jams, or a lightbulb goes pop? You want to whizz through your to-do list but your internet’s on a go-slow. After faffing with the printer for forty minutes you’re left frazzled, team spirit flagging.

You want to press on with your goals but find yourself running the office instead. You frequently wonder, “If only there was a better way!”

At Hive Work Spaces, we take care of the small but time-consuming details essential for a smooth-running, flexible and productive work-space.

If you want to free up time and energy so that you can work smarter, not harder, call us today on 01383 630560.

What is a serviced office?

Hive Work Spaces provides bright, clean and ready-to-use work spaces in Dunfermline. Our memberships are available on simple, short-term licences with everything you need to get to work straight away.

Move in now to enjoy all the productivity-boosting features and comfort of our fully serviced private offices:

Our private offices also benefit from:

Will a serviced office space help my business?

Picture this: while everyone else is stuck in nerve-rattling traffic your workday begins with a peaceful stroll to The Hive. You get to swap nose-to-tail-traffic for fresh air and an easy stroll to a private office on beautiful Viewfield Terrace in Dunfermline. You’ll be near the historic Carnegie Hall and just a short stroll from the High Street.

Our serviced office space is less than 10 minutes from Dunfermline Town train and bus stations. We’re also 10 minutes from the M90 and with 120 car parking spaces immediately adjacent to The Hive, we can tick parking off your list, too.

Compare the cost of fuel and hours lost commuting to renting a flexible, fully furnished office space for just £130 (+ VAT) per month with 24/7 access, 365 days of the year.

Whether you’re a project manager, creative freelancer, bookkeeper or part of a larger team working from home, we can get you working in a cost effective work space in a day or two.

Because how you start your day can have a big impact on how you finish.

To end your day with:

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serviced offices in Dunfermline

Rent a private or co-working serviced office space with Hive

Working from home might be the ‘new normal’ in a post-pandemic world, but it doesn’t suit everyone.

Maybe you’re craving some work/life separation and want to trade a makeshift office at your kitchen table for a spacious co-work room?

Or maybe your employees work best as a team? Swap cramped spaces and awkward Zoom calls for a flexible workspace with inspiring high-ceilings, naturally bright lighting and all the office essentials.

Our members clock in at a time that suits them, log on and start working.

No queues, no commutes and no time-sucking office admin means they can perform at their best.

At Hive we want to provide busy professionals with flexible workspaces right here in Dunfermline.

Make a work-friendly haven for your team in a relaxed and safe working environment with Hive’s professional, private office spaces.

Hive’s private office space solutions

We currently have the following serviced office spaces available in Dunfermline:

All our flexible workspaces are fully furnished, Covid-19 compliant and ready for you to move in.

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